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Smart Home Monitoring Toronto

Smart Home Monitoring – Best Home Alarm Systems

Smart Home Monitoring allows you to stay connected and control multiple aspects of your home no matter where you are. You can keep an eye on your house from just about anywhere with home security systems from SafeTech.
Our systems allow you to control your home’s security system, smart locks, lighting, temperature, door and window sensors and more remotely with Internet-connected smart home devices such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone and even a smartwatch such as the Apple Watch! For smartphones, there is an easy to use app connected to a security camera that will help if a break in occurs.

Control Your Home from any Location at any Time

Smart home security and smart home automation mean safety, security, convenience and peace of mind.

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The Benefits of Smart Devices: Keep Track of your Home from Anywhere, even your Apple Watch!

When you have a home security systems service installed in your home, you can watch remote video from your home’s security cameras on your cell phone, tablet, computer, or watch. Professional installation is crucial.
You’ll know when your kids arrive home from school even if you’re still at work. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that your family is safe.


alert notifications safetech alarmsYou can also arm or disarm your security system remotely from anywhere. If you’re in a rush and forget to set the alarm, don’t worry. You can arm it from any Internet-connected (wi fi) device.
No matter where you are, smart alarm monitoring makes it possible for you to monitor your property and ensure that loved ones are safe. You’ll be able to stay connected to your home and family from anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection.

You can even receive alerts on your home phone, smartphone, watch, tablet or other devices if there is an issue in your home. You can then quickly react to this issue if needed.

For example, if you leave your house without setting your alarm or window sensors, will receive an alert on your phone or watch when you leave your property.

You can then quickly set your alarm with ease, avoiding a trip home and keeping your property safe and secure. A smart door lock install can also be connected to your emergency contacts.

Professional Monitoring from your Apple Watch

Now you can monitor your alarm system, respond to notifications and remote control your home all from your Apple Watch! The Apple Watch smart home monitoring app is an intuitive solution that makes security more convenient and effective.

With the app, you can:

  • Arm or disarm your alarm systems
  • Control outdoor cameras, lights, locks and thermostats
  • Manage garage door access smart lock
  • View live video from security cameras
  • See your home status at a glance
  • And much more!

Thanks to actionable notifications, you can act on warnings and other notifications immediately, right from your wrist. You will always have remote access.

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Peace of Mind like Never Before with Smart Home Monitoring Security System

Trust SafeTech to provide the home security tools that make sure you are never out of touch.

Contact us today for more information on our smart home monitoring services can help.

Our team has got over 20 years of experience in the field and will answer all questions you may have and assist you every step of the way through the process. We will also provide the best advice and the solution to your unique needs.

Want to adjust the thermostat so your property is just the right temperature when you arrive at home? Want to make double-check that you had activated your security system? Forgot to turn off a light? Want to make sure your children got home safe?

Smart home monitoring Toronto Canada can help protect your home from anywhere.

With just a simple tap on any Internet-enabled device, smart home security lets you be virtually inside your house, controlling your home’s alarm system, heating, cooling, appliances and lighting.

You can even securely view your security cameras online and respond to actionable notifications right from your phone or watch. Protect your family by investing in home automation.

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Home Security Features

  • Instant notification of pre-defined events
  • Works with any control panel that communicates in SIA or Contact ID that has a secondary communication path available
  • Ability to connect and control to arm/disarm, bypass and see real time system status
  • Private WiFi network for touch screen and cameras
  • Real time live video viewing, and video recording triggering on pre-defined events with instant alert notification
  • Ability to easily manage thermostats and lighting devices from the web, touch screen or mobile phones
  • Available Direct tunnelling IP Camera
  • Connects to the home router through hardwire or WiFi
  • Real time live streaming and video capture
  • Actionable notifications directly to your phone or watch

You can check your system’s status over the Internet and on mobile devices. Light switches, thermostat, smoke alarms and lock control technology allows your home to be at your fingertips.

Minimal wiring is needed for additional modules when using the private WiFi network.

By integrating your heating, lighting, air conditioning, alarm, video, internet and home phone systems together you allow everything to be controlled by one centralized software system. Companies such as Rogers smart home monitoring, and our team at SafeTech are experts in the field. We can offer our customers a security package based on your uniques situation.

Smart homes are incredibly powerful ways to manage your property and keep your family safe.

Benefits of Smart Home Monitoring

Smart homes have a wide variety of benefits and there are a number of things that you can do if you install smart home wiring in your house.

For example, in addition to security, a smart home lets you:

  • Activate your one DVD player from any TV in the house.
  • Access your one receiver and satellite from any TV in the house.
  • Have simultaneous access to the Internet from multiple computers in the house.

EVL-4EZR Envisalink IP Interface Module For DSC and Honeywell

Envisalink EVL 4EZR

Smart Homes: Detailed Information

 (1) HS-TH200

Analog Telephone Module:

Distribute 4 incoming lines to up to 11 locations.

 (6) HS-NH8100

8 Port 10/100 Switch:

Interconnect up to 8 computers or peripherals for a LAN

 (2) HS-AH600

Audio Distribution Module:

Distribute audio to up to 6 locations

 (7) HS-DH800

Data/Voice Distribution:

Distribute data to up to 8 locations

 (3) VM-1100

Mono Video Modulator:

Add video from a camera to a regular TV channel

 (8) POWER-832

Control Panel:

8 zone control panel
Expandable to 32

 (4) PC-5108

Hardwire Zone Expander:

Adds up to 8 hardwire zones

 (9) BD7-12


7 AH rechargeable battery

 (5) ESCORT-5580TC

Telephone Interface Module:

Turns any tone phone into a fully functional keypad

 (10) HS-VH1800

Video Splitter:

Distribute video to up to 8 locations

Contact us today for more information on how smart home monitoring Toronto Canada can make your and your family members’ life safer and easier. Talk to us about smart home security and other services.