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Security Jobs In Miami

Security Jobs In Miami

Do you want to play your role in keeping society and your loved ones safe? The idea of joining hands with a prestigious security organization to protect your surroundings is the best way to utilize your skills. FPI, a well-renowned security protection company in Miami, FL. We currently provide security jobs in Miami to whoever fulfills our company's criteria.

FPI, with a total workforce of 300 unarmed and armed security officers are busy providing security service in Miami to residential and commercial buildings along with hospitals, schools, industrial and financial institutions. We serve to protect others.

Why Be A Part Of FPI?

So, why become a part of FPI? How can becoming a security officer of FPI can make you a responsible citizen?

Andres Perez started FPI security services in 1981 after spending 20 years in the United States Army to provide safety and protection to the community's people. He used his years of experience from the military to establish an organization capable of delivering high-security standards. We provide several security services using the latest and innovative methods of safety. We add layers of protection to our already improvised and up-to-date to date security methods. Our security service includes:

  • We provide fully trained, licensed, and armed security officers.

  • We have experts that will set up a surveillance system according to your needs.

  • We also offer a mobile surveillance trailer for covering a specific location or event.

  • Our services extend to offering services, including Miami personal security, along with a bodyguard service in Miami.

  • The patrol service can assess the safety of your perimeter.

  • The 24-hour monitoring system allows us to keep a constant eye on multiple cameras and security systems.

The day you sign up for our organization, you will be trained and educated in the best possible way to make you the adequate security officer, since the base of FPI lies on the principles of security and professional competence. You will benefit in the following ways by enlisting in FPI:

  1. We train our officers to the highest level of expertise and equip them with advanced safety techniques.

  2. We will train you on the onsite security academy to polish your skills.

  3. Our officers use licensed and legal weapons.

  4. Along with skills, we also provide our officers with uniforms to make them look professionals.

  5. The vehicles used by our security teams are also modern and equipped with top of the line security devices.

Open Vacancies:

Recently, executive security in Miami, FL, is looking for officers to serve us and make the county safer than ever. We have the following openings available in Miami, where you are free to apply without any further hesitation:

  1. A security officer with military experience or law enforcement required for Miami Beach.
  2. An armed and unarmed officer needed for Miami, Dade.

  3. There is a requirement for an unarmed security officer in South Miami, Dade.

Contact FPI Security Services to learn more about our security services :

Broward: (954) 370-5300

Dade: (305) 827-4300

Security Jobs In Miami

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Security Jobs In Miami Security Jobs In Miami